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Social media course

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The objective of this course is to understand and implement a communication strategy on social networks. Understand the technicalities of each platform, as well as their tools and functionalities. Measure the impact of social networks as part of a global strategy. Choose Turko for developing your organization’s social media skills today. 

Our Social media course

  1. Overview of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and TikTok: overview and their respective audiences
  2. The strategic objectives of a social media strategy
  3. Performance indicators for a social media strategy
  4. Set up a budget and recurring tasks
  1. Introduction to social listening
  2. Introduction to social engagement monitoring
  3. Conversations in your industry (User Generated Content)
  4. Communication tones for a brand
  5. The social ecosystem (groups, influencers, competitors)
  6. How to perform qualitative analysis and benchmarking for social media
  1. Define your brand tone
  2. Targets (platforms, groups, hashtags)
  3. Promotional content versus value-added content ratio
  4. Content production and content recycling
  5. The social communication calendar
  6. Define your content delivery strategy (who, when, how, why, where)
  7. Define your UGC conversational strategy (who, when, how, why, where)
  8. Define your customer support strategy (who, when, how, why, where)
  9. Formalize a communication plan for social networks
  1. Introduction to Facebook
  2. User interface overview (interface overview)
  3. Main features (post, hashtag, comment, reaction, tag)
  4. Tactics “invite to like”, “co-host event”, “see first” option
  5. The organic algorithm and the paid algorithm
  6. The types of posts to favor based on if it is whether organic or paid
  7. How to optimize a post for an organization
  8. Facebook Pages (interface overview)
  9. Overview of Facebook groups
  10. Overview of Facebook Messenger
  11. Overview of Facebook Stories
  12. Overview of Facebook events
  13. Overview of Facebook Live
  14. Overview of Facebook Fundraisers
  15. Overview of Facebook Marketplace
  16. Analyze ads on competitors’ Facebook accounts
  1. Introduction to Instagram
  2. User interface overview (interface overview)
  3. Main functionalities (post, hashtag, follow, comment, like, tag and mention)
  4. Performance indicators (engagement and engagement rate)
  5. Advertising on Instagram
  6. Introduction to Instagram for Business
  7. Link a Facebook page to an Instagram account
  8. How to optimize a post for an organization
  9. How to use feeds and stories
  10. Filters, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout special effects
  11. Introduction to influencers and influencer networks on the web
  12. Tactics: “curated content”, “feed to story”, “giveaways”, “takeover”
  1. Introduction to the Facebook for Business section
  2. Introduction to Facebook IQ
  3. Introduction to Facebook Business Manager
  4. Overview of the “Settings” section for “Pages”
  5. Overview of the administrator interface for events
  6. Overview of Ad Manager
  7. Overview of the “Audiences Insights” tool
  8. Overview of the “Insights” section of a “Facebook Page”
  9. How to configure the Competitor Pages to follow (“Pages to Watch” section)
  10. Overview of the “Creator studio” tool
  11. Overview of the “Manage Jobs” tool
  1. Introduction to Linkedin User interface overview (interface overview)
  2. Main features (make a post, hashtag, comment, like)
  3. How to optimize a post for an organization
  4. Overview of business pages on Linkedin
  5. How to optimize a personal profile on Linkedin
  6. Overview of Linkedin groups
  7. Overview of articles on Linkedin
  8. Overview of Linkedin search function
  9. How to grow your network
  10. Prospecting for new talent
  11. Prospecting for new customer accounts
  12. Overview of the Sales Navigator tool
  13. Overview of Linkedin Ads

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For more information on the program, please see the official page on the site of the Government of Quebec.

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