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Choose the right SEO monthly package or the right SEO action plan for your needs. Contact us and get your free SEO assessment in less than 24 hours.
Many companies typically invest from $1,500 to $5,000, per month in SEO services. Depending on factors you can come across SEO packages ranging from low as $100 per month to as high as $30,000. The pricing for SEO services can significantly differ based on your size, project scope and the specific SEO provider you choose. Your payment structure for the SEO strategy may vary depending on the agency or consultant you engage with and your requirements. Options may include payments, fixed contracts, one time project fees or hourly rates. Certain agencies offer a predetermined service fee while others charge a rate for the entire project. If you opt for a consultants services it’s common to pay by the hour. Opting for SEO services from an agency can enhance your return, on investment (ROI) significantly. At Turko, our SEO agency, we dedicate time to understand your business intricacies in order to tailor a bespoke SEO plan that aligns with and surpasses your objectives. Turko offers a variety of SEO packages, “à la carte” and custom SEO prices to suit all organization’s needs to improve their organic traffic on Google, Bing and Youtube.

Our customizable SEO packages


"Do it yourself" (DIY) + strategist
Starting at
  • 1:1 sessions with a strategist
  • Account creation
  • Dedicated slack channel
  • Access to academy content
  • Access to exclusive tools


"Done with you" (DWY) + strategist
Starting at
  • Everything from "DIY" plus..
  • Performance support and management
  • Account configuration
  • Coordination and management of your internal team
  • Reporting and insights


"Done for you" (DFY) + strategist & prod team
Starting at
  • Everything from "DWY" plus..
  • Turnkey managed service
  • Dedicated production team
  • Development of digital assets (content creation, linkable assets, code optimizations, custom programming, AI, studio, etc.)
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Our SEO discovery audits are a great way to start your SEO project. We will cover the right SEO topics, based on your organizational needs and realities. Our customized SEO action plans are implemented during the project’s discovery phase. They are concrete SEO tasks covering all the potential aspects of a SEO project, from technical SEO to content strategy, authority building and local SEO.

Starting at $3,000 (per unit)

seo audit

Prices varies based on several factors such as your industry and your objectives. Contact us for more details.


Do we need to sign a contract with your SEO agency?

Yes it’s usually an idea to enter into a contract, with an SEO agency. A formal agreement helps outline what you and the agency can expect from each other. It covers the services to be provided, timelines, costs, payment terms and the responsibilities of both parties. Here at Turko we always have a contract, in place with our clients to define the goals and scope of work. If for any reason the project needs to be stopped you have the option to terminate the contract at any point.

What control do we have over our intellectual property?

You have full authority over your property when partnering with our agency. All access (for i.e. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, Facebook Business Manager), content, tactics or assets tailored for your marketing efforts are yours to keep. We honor your intellectual property rights. Do not claim to any work created during our partnership. Moreover we guarantee that any external resources or tools used in your campaigns comply, with licensing agreements and copyright regulations safeguarding your ownership and rights. Your intellectual property stays firmly in your hands giving you the freedom to utilize and oversee it as you wish even after our collaboration ends.

Will we have a client access with your agency?

Yes. When you become a client at our marketing agency you’ll be able to use our client portal. This platform acts as a hub for managing projects, tracking performance indicators, monitoring budgets, defining project scopes and serving as a knowledge base for both past and future deliverables. To maintain transparency, efficiency and smooth coordination throughout our collaboration we also provide access to the teams time logs upon request so that you can stay informed about our real time activities. Additionally we offer access to a Slack channel for efficient communications between both parties.

Will we have access to a dedicated account manager?

Yes (it depends, read for more details). As a valued client of our digital marketing agency, in the situation where you work on multiple services with us (for i.e. SEO, Paid Media, eCommerce, etc.) you will be assigned a dedicated account director who will serve as your main point of contact throughout our collaboration. In the case where it is strictly one service (for i.e. SEO), we understand that in most cases the client wants to speak directly with the SEO expert. So we make this relationship possible as the SEO expert directly becomes your account director. The account director (manager) is responsible for understanding your specific needs, goals, and preferences, and will work closely with you to ensure that our services align with your expectations. We are committed in delivering personalized support and fostering a strong, productive relationship between you and our agency.

Will we be able to communicate directly with the SEO expert?

Yes. You’ll get the chance to directly interact with your designated SEO specialist. We value creating lines of communication, between our clients and team members to ensure transparency, clarity and efficiency throughout the process. Your SEO specialist will be on hand to chat about strategies address any concerns or queries you may have, offer insights into the progress of your SEO campaigns and work together with you to reach your marketing goals. Having conversations with your SEO specialist helps you gain an insight into the tasks at hand and allows for immediate feedback ultimately boosting the impact of your SEO efforts.

What will be included in the SEO monthly report?

The monthly SEO report is customized to fit your requirements based on the terms we outlined in the contract. It may include insights into how your web properties are performing and the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. Typically the report covers the following aspects;

  • Target KPIs: The progression of metrics that we agreed upon within our contract.
  • Keyword Performance: An evaluation of how your chosen keywords ranking in search engine results, including any fluctuations in rankings over time.
  • Traffic Metrics: Data on traffic, sessions and page views to your site offering a clear view of how SEO is impacting your website’s visibility.
  • Conversion Data: Details about conversions like form submissions, purchases or other desired user actions stemming from search traffic.
  • Backlink Analysis: Assessment of both the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your site well as any new backlinks obtained during the reporting period.
  • On Page Optimization: Updates on any on page SEO enhancements made such, as tag adjustments, content upgrades or technical fixes.

The SEO monthly report is a resource for monitoring progress pinpointing areas that need enhancement and using data driven insights to boost your websites visibility on search engines and overall performance. It includes details on Content Performance, Competitor Analysis and Recommendations, for optimizing SEO based on the reports findings.

What are the payment options?

We provide payment choices to suit your preferences and budget. Our payment methods consist of:

  • Credit/Debit Card: You can securely make payments for our services using credit or debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • Bank Transfer: You have the option to pay through bank transfer. We furnish you with the banking details for direct transfers from your bank account to ours.
  • Online Payment Platforms: We might also give you the convenience of online payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe for quick and secure online payments.
  • Cheque: If you prefer you can decide to pay by cheque. We offer instructions on sending your cheque payment to our specified address.
  • Financing options: Depending on the projects size and duration we may provide financing options to help manage the cost of our services over time. This could be especially beneficial for projects or ongoing services.

Our goal is to ensure an convenient payment process, for you while safeguarding the security of your transactions. If you have preferences or requirements regarding payments please inform us so we can accommodate them accordingly.

our commitment to excellence

Turko is committed to providing you with quality service that meets your expectations. Transparency, efficiency and responsiveness are at the heart of our guarantee. 

We guarantee an impeccable customer experience, meticulously attentive to your needs, and unfailingly responsive to your requests.