SEO for Youtube: How to reference videos on Youtube

Ah, YouTube! Is there anyone out there who doesn't use it? With its enormous popularity, it's a real challenge to find a niche while separating yourself from the competition.

July 15, 2021

Ah, YouTube! Is there anyone out there who doesn’t use it? With its enormous popularity, it’s a real challenge to find a niche while separating yourself from the competition. It’s disheartening when your new channel’s videos aren’t being noticed. If you want that to change, there are steps you can take to draw viewers to your channel. So how do you reference YouTube videos? Here are 4 tips.

1- Define a content strategy

Before you post the first video, think about consistency. Is it better to publish news-related content, or do you want it to be entertaining? By determining a publication strategy, you help YouTube search engines better understand the focus of your channel. So…how do you properly reference a YouTube video?

2- Add a detailed description

Even with hundreds of thousands of videos on its platform, YouTube can’t read videos. And neither can Google, for that matter. That’s why you need to include a description of at least 300 words, so search engines can properly reference the content. It’s also important to include relevant keywords and quality links in your description. 

Remember to fill in the “tags” (keywords allowing video referencing) next to the description, as well as the “video category” sections.

3- Video titles with keywords, and enticing thumbnails

Video titles should be long enough to provide a brief description, but just short enough to quickly capture attention. Most importantly, they should include the keyword of the video, so users can quickly find the content.

4- Watch time and retention

Unlike its parent company Google, YouTube doesn’t rely on things like backlinks to rank video content. Rather, it relies on and rewards videos with a high audience retention rate. The metric, the audience retention rate, refers to how long viewers watch your video. The higher the percentage, the better. To determine your video retention rate, first go to studio.youtube.com, which will take you to your channel’s dashboard. If you need help with SEO for Youtube, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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