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Effective SEO : 8 tips you need to know

Whether your website is used for entertainment or for business purposes, the first priority is to attract enough traffic to get the edge on your competitors.

Laurie-Anne Nault

March 16, 2022

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

What are 8 key tips you need to know for effective SEO? This article delves into essential strategies to boost your website’s SEO and drive more traffic. One crucial aspect it underscores is the value of crafting unique and compelling titles for each piece of content to elevate SEO performance. Additionally, it recommends enhancing readability by transforming non-textual content such as videos or images into written format for search engine indexing.

Moreover, the article advocates for utilizing web tools and plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math on platforms like WordPress to fine-tune content and receive valuable suggestions for enhancement. It also suggests writing longer articles, optimizing images with ALT tags, and incorporating both internal and external links to improve search engine visibility.

Furthermore, the significance of speeding up website loading times is emphasized to engage visitors and prevent potential search result penalties. Lastly, optimizing websites for mobile responsiveness and user experience is vital as Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites.

To conclude, the article emphasizes the importance of patience and consistent effort in devising a successful SEO strategy. Readers are encouraged to seek additional support to enhance their SEO skills and achieve better results.

Whether your website is used for entertainment or for business purposes, the first priority is to attract enough traffic to get the edge on your competitors. If you want to upgrade your SEO skills, the following 8 pointers can get you on your way.

1- Unique and original titles

For high-quality SEO, you need to make sure your copy is original and not duplicated. Every article must have its own unique and original title.

2- The readability factor

Search engines like Google are unable to read videos or graphics. Any unwritten content appearing in an article should be translated into written form.

3- Configure web tools and plug-ins

The Yoast SEO is a solid plug-in on WordPress, such as Rank Math. It pinpoints any areas for improvement so your copy lines up with SEO. However, this extension does not optimize content on its own, but instead offers a series of key recommendations to ensure that it does so.

4- Articles of the right size and scope

One of the most useful SEO tips: write longer articles! They are much more likely to appear higher in search results.

5- Optimize images

By diversifying your copy, especially with eye-catching images, your content will be more readable while optimizing your SEO. For this, it is recommended that you set the ALT tag of your images.

6- Internal / external linking

Quality links are crucial for natural referencing. Internal links will direct you to the website’s content, whereas external links to a reliable source can boost your credibility.

7- Speed up website loading

A too-slow site will cause your visitors to lose interest and wander away toward your competitors. It can be bumped downward in search results, in favour of faster sites. Why is this happening? Most likely, it’s because your site is burdened by oversized files and images that are slowing it down. 

To optimize images and other files, reduce their size and number. In most cases, pages that aren’t as “busy” and load faster will get more attention.

8- Optimize for mobile and user experience

Google search results tend to prioritize mobile-friendly sites, or sites that automatically adapt to smartphone display format without affecting or delaying the content.

There’s a ton of SEO advice out there! Sometimes all you need is patience and persistent effort. If you’re interested in developing a creative SEO optimization strategy, simply contact us!

Laurie-Anne Nault
Determined, ambitious and passionate, Laurie-Anne Nault has already acquired several years of experience in administration and customer service. She joined the Turko Marketing team in October 2021 to fulfill the role of administrative manager and social media manager.