Improve your site’s SEO : 6 errors to avoid

SEO optimization is essential for reaching a broader audience. When you boost your website traffic, you can stay ahead of your competition, so you need to avoid mistakes that can impact SEO.

Laurie-Anne Nault

November 10, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

What are the 6 errors to avoid in order to improve your site’s SEO? The significance of SEO optimization is highlighted in the article as a crucial factor in reaching a broader audience and staying ahead of competitors. It offers valuable insights into enhancing SEO by steering clear of common mistakes that could negatively impact a website’s search engine ranking. These fundamental errors to avoid encompass issues such as duplicate content, broken links, web crawler challenges, slow loading speed, absence of an SSL certificate, and a non-mobile-friendly website design. The article underscores the importance of persistence and consistent effort in enhancing SEO outcomes. Moreover, it recommends considering specialized SEO assistance or web strategy services to elevate visibility and SEO performance.

SEO optimization is essential for reaching a broader audience. When you boost your website traffic, you can stay ahead of your competition, so you need to avoid mistakes that can impact SEO.

So, how do you improve your site’s SEO?

What is SEO?

Briefly, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) refers to optimizing site content to rank higher in search results. The purpose is to increase traffic and the number of views.

But how can you improve your SEO? By avoiding these 6 mistakes!

Errors to avoid

Avoid these errors- and improve your website’s SEO.

1- Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to content identical to that of another article, i.e., contains the same paragraph, URL, meta-description, etc. Google doesn’t like to copy and paste!

2- Broken or dead links

Any broken link, external or internal, will seriously impair your SEO. This impacts the structure, SEO performance and visitor experience. You also need to verify that all hyperlinks lead to HTTPS and not HTTP content, which may present a security risk. Always take care to update your links!

3- Web crawler issues

Search engine crawlers read and interpret website content and how search engines perceive that content. The absence of a sitemap is a very common error that affects visibility. This file contains all site content for a thorough search engine crawler analysis. It’s crucial to have a hyperlink to sitemap.xml of your site in your bots.txt folder.

Many errors are caused by misreading sitemaps, including missed pages, temporary redirections, etc.

4- Sluggish loading speed

Too many of us overload our content with sites images and files. Any site that’s too sluggish for Google and Internet users leads to low-quality natural referencing.

5- No SSL certificate

Search engines like Google promote secure websites (https://), which are considered safe and reliable. By simply installing an SSL certificate, your website is qualified as secure.

6- Website isn’t mobile-friendly

Google has become more supportive of mobile-friendly sites in search results, which means they adapt automatically to smartphone display while preserving the content.

How do you improve your site’s SEO performance without too many mistakes? The key is patience and continuous effort. For specialized SEO support, or if you simply want a web strategy to improve SEO and boost your visibility, just contact us!

Laurie-Anne Nault
Determined, ambitious and passionate, Laurie-Anne Nault has already acquired several years of experience in administration and customer service. She joined the Turko Marketing team in October 2021 to fulfill the role of administrative manager and social media manager.