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SEO audit : 5 analysis to perform

Also known as "SEO audit", SEO analysis is a comprehensive performance review of a business or private individual's website.

Taï Dileuth

June 14, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

How Critical is Conducting an SEO Audit with 5 Key Analyses for Website Success?

An essential aspect of promoting a company or website is SEO optimization. To grasp its effectiveness, SEO analysis, commonly referred to as an “SEO audit,” is crucial. It acts as a yearly health check for a website, pinpointing areas needing enhancement for superior SEO outcomes.

The article provides a detailed roadmap for executing SEO analysis using no-cost tools, underscoring these pivotal stages:

1. Keyword Analysis: Ensuring keyword relevance and focus by tracking performance through tools like Google Search Console to gauge the efficacy of keyword strategies.
2. Technical Analysis: Detecting technical glitches such as broken links, missing sections, or improper redirects using tools like Screaming Frog and Google Search Console.
3. Semantic Analysis: Stressing the significance of a well-structured website with clear information architecture for improved SEO.
4. Speed Analysis: Evaluating the website’s speed via tools like Google PageSpeed’s Insight to enhance loading times.
5. Content Analysis: Engaging in a thorough content audit encompassing title length and keyword analysis.

Seeking assistance from SEO professionals for a comprehensive website analysis and crafting an effective SEO strategy is recommended. Emphasizing the importance of sound SEO practices and routine analysis to augment search engine visibility and attract organic traffic to a website is key.

SEO optimization is essential for promoting your company or your website. These methods allow business-generated content to appear at the top of search results. But not all SEO techniques produce the desired results. Whether you work with the top SEO agency or you do it in-house, an SEO analysis can determine what is and what isn’t working. But what is it? What tools can you use? 

What is SEO analysis?

Also known as “SEO audit”, SEO analysis is a comprehensive performance review of a business or private individual’s website. It’s like an annual medical checkup. The purpose is to identify areas needing attention and improvement for healthier SEO results. But how do you perform an effective analysis?

SEO analysis step-by-step

Each step of SEO analysis is performed with free tools designed to make it simpler.

1- Keyword analysis

A keyword analysis will verify if keywords in the articles are relevant and focused. Google Search Console is a good starting point, because it monitors keyword performance of the terms your website is actually ranking for. The analysis will determine if a company has a specific strategy for a limited number of keywords, and whether or not this technique is effective.

Analyzing keywords can verify their relevance and profitability. A good place to start is to put your brand name on the search engines. Are you dominating your own branded keywords?

2- Technical analysis

A site in a state of disrepair will struggle in the initial search results. A technical analysis can shed light on any deficiencies in the site, such as broken links, missing sections or inappropriate redirections. 

You can use Screaming Frog to extract site content and review any pages containing errors. Google Search Console also verifies if the site in question will be accessible by Google’s crawlers. If not, it cannot be listed. You can perform this analysis in the “Index” section, then under “Cover”. It also indicates whether or not there is a sitemap.

3- Semantic analysis

A well-structured website is much better referenced than a site without a solid foundation. If you don’t have a structured website, you should seriously consider designing menus, categories, a central home page, subpages, etc. Google understands topical semantics, a website needs to have an informational architecture that will take in consideration the subtopics within the topics.

4- Speed Analysis

Fast websites (with no signs of latency) have a stronger appeal to Google crawlers and other search engines, which improves SEO. Use Google PageSpeed’s Insight to test the speed of your site. 

These days, an increasing number of people surf the net with a mobile device. Now it’s up to us to check its flexibility on all platforms!

5- Content analysis

Perhaps one of the most crucial steps in SEO analysis is a complete audit of the entire website! Among other things, it includes verifying title length and analyzing the most commonly used keywords.

Turn to the experts

Conducting SEO analysis of a company website is no easy task. We recommend you contact us, so we can analyze your website and recommend an effective SEO strategy. 

Taï Dileuth
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