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6 ways to create a Facebook contest

Any legitimate Facebook contest must comply with Facebook's laws, or the account could be closed and subscribers could be lost.

Taï Dileuth

February 22, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

What are 6 effective ways to create a Facebook contest? The article delves into the significance of leveraging social media platforms to boost a business’s visibility and engage with a younger demographic, with a particular focus on Facebook as a prominent channel. It stresses the importance of businesses abiding by Facebook’s regulations while organizing contests on the platform to prevent the risk of account suspension and a decrease in followers. The piece suggests the use of complimentary Facebook contest tools to streamline the process and ensure compliance with policies. It presents six recommended applications that businesses can adopt to design lawful contests on Facebook.

Moreover, the article delineates the key steps for managing a successful Facebook contest, including hosting it on a dedicated page or through an approved application, incorporating a disclaimer, and refraining from mandating participants to like the page. It shares references to Facebook’s contest guidelines for additional assistance. Additionally, the article proposes the idea of enlisting support from seasoned agencies when organizing Facebook contests, particularly beneficial for those new to the practice.

In essence, this article functions as a valuable guide for companies aiming to utilize Facebook contests as a means of engaging with their audience and expanding their subscriber base, underscoring the advantages of utilizing free contest applications and adhering to platform protocols.

Whether you own a small or large business, you’ll need the power of social networks to boost your visibility .They’re also effective when you want to connect and interact with a younger audience. Facebook currently tops the list as the most popular social network platform. Employers who want to draw in subscribers and treat their clients might be tempted to start a contest. Since Facebook rules regarding contests are fairly stringent, it’s best that you opt for a free Facebook contest application.

Let’s first look at why we need these applications.

Follow the rules

Any legitimate Facebook contest must comply with Facebook’s laws, or the account could be closed and subscribers could be lost. A key requirement is that the contest must be conducted on a page or via a legal application, not on a personal profile. You must also include a disclaimer in the description absolving Facebook of any liability. Lastly, it is extremely important that you do not ask people to like the page in question, only the contest’s publication. Here’s a copy of Facebook’s contest rules and regulations.

The guidelines may be discouraging but luckily, you can opt for free Facebook contest applications. Let’s take a look at six of them.

6 free applications

1- Swakes is a free Facebook contest application where you create a form with all the contest details. The page is shareable on Facebook. To sign up, users just click on “Register”. It also makes it possible for registered users to view their chances of winning!

2- Agorapulse designs a legitimate Facebook contest. There are three types of contests: random draw, publishing identified photos and a quiz. The interface is simple, easy to set up and best of all… free!

3- Besides the prize selection, contestants should be chosen at random. Woobox is the perfect tool to set this up!

4- In the same vein, Fluky.io lets you randomly select contestants by spinning a wheel.

5- Adpow’s free version helps contest designers create viral campaigns which encourage contestants to compete in a variety of activities in order to win.

6- Rafflecopter has the advantage of quickly designing free Facebook contests with extraordinary gaming potential.

Setting up a Facebook contest can be difficult and complicated if you aren’t experienced in the field, even with free Facebook contest applications. We recommend using an experienced agency to assist you. For more information about free Facebook contest applications or anything connected to them, feel free to contact us!

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