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Blogging and organic traffic: 5 methods of an efficient strategy

A blog is a platform for individuals or a company to post content with the goal of connecting with a vibrant and genuinely involved community. It also offers opportunities for instant online chats and content sharing.

Taï Dileuth

March 22, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

How can an efficient blogging strategy help drive organic traffic to your website?

This article delves into the evolution of marketing strategies from traditional methods to the rise of social media platforms in recent years. It stresses the significance of community management and the creation of engaging and valuable content as pivotal factors for success on social media. The main focus is on cultivating a potent social media blog marketing strategy to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Here are the five methods proposed in the article:

1. Clearly defining objectives: Set concise short- and medium-term business goals to comprehend expectations and results, such as reaching new markets or retaining subscriber loyalty.

2. Assessing impact: Evaluate and tweak the strategy through a performance audit of predefined objectives. Utilize performance metrics to gauge the effects across different social platforms.

3. Identifying the target audience: Develop a customer profile to enhance communication strategies. Having insights into factors like demographics, job roles, location, and gender aids in effectively engaging with the preferred audience.

4. Communication channels: Select communication channels (social platforms) based on the characteristics of the target audience. Customize the choice of platforms to the audience to ensure optimum engagement.

5. Quality content creation: Produce compelling content that resonates with the target audience and stimulates discussions. Engaging content has the potential to draw in visitors, convert them into subscribers, and eventually, advocates for the brand.

Overall, the article stresses the necessity of adjusting social media approaches to align with business objectives and audience preferences, highlighting the essential elements of valuable content and efficient communication platforms.

In recent years, traditional marketing strategies have been taken over by social networks. If you’re striving for social network success, it’s crucial to understand community management and how to develop valuable and engaging content for your users. Ultimately, it’s all about the competitive edge. Here are 5 methods for an effective social media blog marketing strategy.

What is a blog?

A blog is a platform for individuals or a company to post content with the goal of connecting with a vibrant and genuinely involved community. It also offers opportunities for instant online chats and content sharing.

Nowadays, it is not enough to just think about social media, but how to apply it to an effective marketing strategy.

Here are 5 methods to help you get there:

1- Clearly defined objectives

Before anything else, you need to define your short- and medium-term business objectives. Obviously, you want to know precisely what to expect in terms of results. Do you want to connect to a new market, or maintain the loyalty of current subscribers? Blogs can also be used to market new products.

2- Measuring impact

Successful social networking strategies require a performance audit of your defined objectives, which provides an opportunity to re-evaluate and fine-tune your strategy. You can measure the impact with performance indicators for various social networks, which highlight subscriber numbers, as well as scope indicators (click rate, conversion, etc.).

3- Target audience

Simply put, you have to profile the typical customer or person most likely to be interested in the company. Communication is easier with a preferred profile (which usually covers the individual’s location, job, gender and age).

4- Communication channels that click with the target audience

The communication channel (social network) you choose for your business depends largely on the target audience, identified through specific characteristics. You need to determine where the typical user is located-not the other way around. For example, LinkedIn is not the ideal social network for a young audience.

It’s easy to get lost in all the different social networks (from YouTube to Facebook, Instagram to TikTok). You can make the right decision by carefully studying key features and the target audience associated with each network.

5- Quality content

If you want to convert visitors into potential customers, you need quality content that appeals to the target audience and sparks lively and relevant dialogue.

When visitors are attracted to content, they’re likely to become subscribers, who in turn become brand ambassadors. This kind of blog content strategy can be challenging, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Taï Dileuth
Passionné de marketing numérique depuis 2012, Taï Dileuth s’est spécialisé en marketing de référencement payant (Google Ads) afin d’aider les entreprises à développer des produits ou services à forte valeur ajoutée. Aujourd’hui c’est avec le challenge d’accompagner des clients sur Google et Facebook qu’il fait partie de l’équipe Turko Marketing.