How does Instagram work? 4 ways to optimize your business account

In fact, in addition to humanizing the company, reinforcing its brand identity, and promoting its products and services, Instagram for business can become a true ally when it comes to the branding strategy.

February 9, 2022

Instagram is one of the most used and liked social media. A true social phenomenon for many years, the photo-sharing platform has known how to stand out next to the competition and, unlike what we might think, how to allow businesses to generate commitment. In fact, in addition to humanizing the company, reinforcing its brand identity, and promoting its products and services, Instagram for business can become a true ally when it comes to the branding strategy. But how does Instagram work for a business? Here are 4 tips to optimize your profile!

1- Switching to the "professional" profile

When creating an Instagram account, it is “personal”, meaning that it only has the main tools to share content with friends. It is not optimized for a business. For it to be so, you simply need to go in the “settings” section and click on the option that allows you to transform your account into a professional profile. Among other things, this option will allow the addition of new contact functions on the account page.

2- Filling out profile information

As it is known, a well-informed social profile will not only lure in more people but also allow them to learn more about the company’s mission, which will then lead them to subscribe. Here are the main points you should not neglect to have a well-informed business profile:

  • The profile picture should be the company’s logo, therefore retaining people to the brand.
  • The username (@example) for the business needs to be chosen with ultimate care, since it will be the name used when someone mentions the company, for example. An effective name could simply be the company’s, therefore avoiding all confusion with another business that specializes in the same field. 
  • The description (the bio) of the profile must allow people to know precisely what the company does and for what purpose. By adding a few relevant hashtags, visitors will more easily find the profile in their search results. 
  • Finally, it is very important to insert a link to your website in the bio!

3- Defining your brand identity

On Instagram, having a strong brand identity is an excellent commitment vector of people. You have to stand out from the competition! To do so, it is essential to use the company’s colors, so much when creating content as in the stories section. When people visit our Instagram page, they need to know exactly what it is and there needs to be no resemblance found with another company.

4- Publishing relevant content

How does Instagram work when it comes to publishing content? Well, you should post photos or data sheets that catch the eye, all the while staying within the main theme of the business. Finally, it is vital to publish content that will interest the target audience, the type of people the company wants to reach. This content must be paired with relevant hashtags to the post. 

In short, how does Instagram work for your business? Indeed, by following all the tips we’ve mentioned above, it is possible to reach new heights of commitment. For an efficient social media marketing strategy, you should contact us!


Determined, ambitious and passionate, Laurie-Anne Nault has already acquired several years of experience in administration and customer service. She joined the Turko Marketing team in October 2021 to fulfill the role of administrative manager and social media manager.

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