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Increasing followers on Instagram : 7 ways to do it

Instagram viewers are interested in more than just photos. They want to know the story behind them as well.

Taï Dileuth

March 8, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

What are the 7 ways to increase followers on Instagram, and how can they help boost your presence on the platform? The article shares strategies to enhance your Instagram engagement, focusing on creating quality content, optimizing your profile, posting consistently, staying unique in content creation, utilizing features such as stories and reels, publishing content strategically, engaging with influencers, and exploring legal options for follower growth.

Followers on Instagram are interested in more than just photos. They want to know the story behind them as well.

Ah, Instagram! It’s one of the most popular social networking platforms for content promotion and distribution. It’s also a highly competitive arena where it’s increasingly harder to stake out your own territory and make a name for yourself. So what do you do if your subscriptions are sluggish?

Here are 7 tips to boost your presence on Instagram.

1- Quality content

We can’t stress it enough: if you want attention, it’s pointless to publish tons and tons of photographs every single day. Users eventually get irritated and find it boring, especially if the content seems aimless. For quality text with broad appeal, you need content that connects to your specialization and brand identity. For instance, a dental office website isn’t exactly where you want to post recipes!

Followers on Instagram are interested in more than just photos. They want to know the story behind them as well.

2- Name-worthy!

Are you a business owner? Now it’s time to optimize your profile! When you switch from a “personal account” to a “business account”, you can customize your profile to match your business needs. To grab attention right off the bat, add descriptive text and carefully maintain the layout and overall presentation. Future subscribers should know what to expect from their very first visit.

3- Consistency pays

Posting one publication per week on-line just isn’t enough to foster a sense of community among subscribers. If you publish one photo a day, for example, it can encourage more and more people to visit daily and see what’s new.

4- Be unique

More often than not, personal and corporate accounts offer the same content, the same colours and, more or less, the same message. To be competitive and attract more followers to Instagram, you want eye-catching content that really pops…and goes viral. For instance, promote the release of a new product (with #), by inviting users to publish product-related content, with a dedicated keyword.

5- Variety and diversity

There’s much more to Instagram than posting photos. Subscribers have a number of options, such as stories, reels and long IGTV videos (which can last from 1 to 60 minutes). Each of these options can attract more subscribers and make Instagram more fun to use.

Offer more, with better quality= more subscribers!

6- Publish at specific times

Have you been publishing your Instagram content at any old time of day? Big mistake! It isn’t reaching the maximum number of subscribers possible. You can correct this by checking your settings and monitoring when subscribers are online.

7- Get involved

Social networks mean social connections. You want to interact “organically” with others on the platform. Who are these people? They are influencers, fans, target persona, etc. Get involved and contribute by donating some of your time for free. This pays off in the long run and will increase the number of subscribers.

If you want to quickly and successfully boost your Instagram followers, you have a host of legal options to choose from. To achieve even more results, simply contact us!

Taï Dileuth
Passionné de marketing numérique depuis 2012, Taï Dileuth s’est spécialisé en marketing de référencement payant (Google Ads) afin d’aider les entreprises à développer des produits ou services à forte valeur ajoutée. Aujourd’hui c’est avec le challenge d’accompagner des clients sur Google et Facebook qu’il fait partie de l’équipe Turko Marketing.