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Things to do to increase conversions from your Facebook content

In a previous article, we saw how the Facebook algorithm works. In particular, we learned that for each post, Facebook goes through 4 steps to determine its visibility

Laurie-Anne Nault

August 3, 2022

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

“What are the key steps and factors to consider in order to increase conversions from your Facebook content?”

This article explores the techniques to boost the organic reach of Facebook page posts by gaining insights into the workings of the Facebook algorithm. The algorithm evaluates posts based on Inventory, Signals, Prediction, and Score to assess their visibility. To amplify visibility, creators should prioritize elements like Affinity, Engagement, Content Type, and Recency.

The narrative underscores the significance of crafting content that resonates with the intended audience, fostering engagement through likes, reactions, comments, and shares, utilizing various content formats proficiently, and giving precedence to recent posts. It also furnishes guidance on generating compelling posts, encompassing tips such as timing your posts effectively, incorporating videos, crafting shareable content, stimulating conversations, upholding content excellence, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, and actively engaging with the online community.

By adhering to these strategies and recommendations, creators can enhance their organic reach on Facebook and establish a robust presence for their page.

In a previous article, we saw how the Facebook algorithm works. In particular, we learned that for each post, Facebook goes through 4 steps to determine its visibility:

  • Inventory: how much place is available for this post?
  • Signals: what are the theoretical success factors for this post?
  • Prediction : according to these signals, what would be the predicted engagement on this post?
  • Score: what is the final score of this post?

Depending on this score, the publication is more or less visible to its community. Today, we look in more detail at the signals that can work in our favor to optimize the organic visibility of our Facebook page posts

What are the criteria for creating content to promote a better visibility of your Facebook posts?

Your Facebook content creation should focus on four factors to promote visibility on the newsfeed:

  • Affinity, or the propensity of users to be interested in your content. Let’s not forget that Facebook’s golden rule is to show content that makes sense to a target audience. Your post must therefore resonate, be useful and bring real added value to your audience. Affinity measures the relationship between a person who posts and the person who will see that post.


  • Engagement, or popularity of a post in terms of likes, reactions, comments and shares. The more engagement your post has, the more relevant Facebook will find you—and the more likely it is to give you exposure. Engagement is also used as a measurement to calculate affinity. This means that the higher your daily engagement, the more Facebook will increase your affinity with your audience.


  • The type of content, or how Facebook interprets how your various content formats are used. According to the algorithm, videos—especially live shows-carry more weight than an image, which ranks better than links. Likewise, a comment is more important than a reaction and a reaction is perceived better than a simple like. Sharing outclasses everything. As a result, a comment on an image will have more impact than the same action on a link. Finally, commenting on a live video is better received by Facebook than watching the entire video.


  • Recency, or date of post. Facebook sees no point in presenting dated content to its users and views recent posts as more appealing. In fact, being regular, posting frequently and always creating exclusive content on your page will be seen as an indicator of recency by Facebook’s algorithm. Even more important: it is crucial for a post to generate engagement quickly so that Facebook does not consider everything obsolete. From there arises the question of knowing how to post at the right time when your audience is most receptive. If a post has worked well but is considered less recent, then there is always the option of “boosting” it to regain visibility.


Facebook algorithm best practices to create engaging posts for your page.

  • Post at the right time. To do this, refer to your page statistics
  • Give priority to videos
  • Create easily shareable content (and that your audience would want to share)
    Use eye-catching visuals
  • Your page must publish content that is useful, informative and adapted to your target audience’s interests
  • Start conversation in your posts
  • Do not play tricks in your content (click bait)
    Pay attention to your content quality and do not share anything that could be false, debatable or manipulative; don’t share content from a fraudulent site
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • Be active in groups or create a group specific to your page
  • Support your organic efforts through paid initiatives (advertisements or boosted posts)
  • Stay as close as possible to your community and make yourself available for them in case of questions
  • Work to increase the number of people who like your page

You’re now equipped to create algorithm-friendly content and drive your organic visibility to your Facebook page.

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Laurie-Anne Nault
Determined, ambitious and passionate, Laurie-Anne Nault has already acquired several years of experience in administration and customer service. She joined the Turko Marketing team in October 2021 to fulfill the role of administrative manager and social media manager.