Writing for the web: 6 ideas for content creation

It's fun to write for the Web, especially when communication smoothly flows between writer and audience.

September 21, 2022

It’s fun to write for the Web, especially when communication smoothly flows between writer and audience. If you’re drawing large amounts of traffic to your product content, then your marketing content strategy is humming along. But what if you can’t quite connect to your target audience? What can you do? With that in mind, here are some sample websites with 6 content suggestions to help your site attract even more customers:

1- Numbered lists

Articles such as “Top 15 of…” or “25 Ideas for…” are hugely popular. Content featuring numbered lists retains a visitor’s attention for longer than simple text, and makes reading easier and more fun.

2- Before and After

Is there anyone who doesn’t like looking at decor magazines with “before and after” photos? You get to see everything that goes into the transformation. This type of article is still a big draw for users who love to see the transformation of a home or of a person, following a weight loss, for example.

3- Tutorials

“How do I unclog a sink?” “How do you eliminate rats from your home?” Every day, Internet users scour search engines for answers to thousands and thousands of questions. While searching for solutions, they find numerous “how-to” articles and videos.

4- Share your expertise

Whether you have a university degree or a degree from the School of Life, you’ve probably gained some experience in your field. Why not share your knowledge with others? Personal stories like this are not only valuable, but always have a unique tale to tell.

5- Studies

To add more value to your site, it may be worthwhile to publish research studies from reliable sources related to the main topic of the site. Internet users love statistics and popularized studies.

6- Positive reviews and feedback

Whatever you sell (physical products, digital products or online courses), nothing will be more convincing to a customer than opinions from those who used the services or purchased the product.

Articles testifying to customer success can be highly persuasive, as they give your company a personal and human touch.

Which type of content does my site need?

There is a wide range of sample sites out there. Let’s figure out which type of content clicks with your content strategy. For expert help, based on your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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