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How do hashtags work? 4 facts you need to know

It can be very difficult for companies and individuals to reach people. However, hashtags are useful if you want to stay ahead of the competition. So how do hashtags work? Here are 4 facts you need to know.

Laurie-Anne Nault

October 20, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

How do hashtags work in social media marketing? Here are 4 key facts you should know:

The article delves into the significance of incorporating hashtags into social media marketing strategies to boost content visibility, engage with the intended audience, and outperform competitors. It elucidates four crucial aspects of hashtags that individuals and businesses ought to comprehend:

1. Definition and Purpose of Hashtags: Often referred to as “click-words,” hashtags enable users to effortlessly access content by clicking on the hashtag itself. They not only drive clicks but also facilitate interaction with interested audiences and drive qualified traffic to social media profiles.

2. Proper Utilization of Hashtags: Integrating pertinent hashtags in posts can broaden the audience reach and increase traffic. The piece illustrates the versatility of hashtags by citing the example of leveraging hashtags to participate in specific events such as the Academy Awards (#oscars2021).

3. Platform-Specific Recommendations:
– Instagram: It is advisable to include a maximum of 11 relevant hashtags at the end of a post or in the comments section for optimal visibility.
– Twitter and Facebook: While Twitter hashtags might signify trends or follow-ups, it is suggested to limit their use to one or two. Similarly, on Facebook, where profiles are mostly private, hashtag usage is restricted.
– Pinterest: Users have the flexibility to include multiple hashtags across various areas like profile bios, pins, and comments to enhance traffic.

4. Different Types of Hashtags: The article accentuates three primary types of hashtags—Brand, Content, and Trend hashtags—each catering to distinct purposes in audience engagement and attraction.

In essence, harnessing hashtags effectively in social media marketing can aid in amplifying content visibility, engaging with the target audience, and staying current with trending topics. Companies aiming to bolster their social media footprint and connect with a broader audience are advised to strategically integrate hashtags into their content.

There’s no questioning the popularity of social networks. We spend more and more of our time exchanging information and sharing content with growing communities. It can be very difficult for companies and individuals to reach people. However, hashtags are useful if you want to stay ahead of the competition. So how do hashtags work? Here are 4 facts you need to know.

1- What is a hashtag?

Also called “click-word”, hashtags let other social network users view your content simply by clicking on the hashtag. But hashtags are good for more than just clicks!

2- Why use hashtags?

Inserting hashtags that link to topics is a way to interact with people who are interested and attracted to the content. You draw more qualified traffic on your social networks, which is essential when it comes to generating more traffic. 

A click-word in a publication can also refer to special events. For example, posts related to the 2021 Academy Awards are identified by the click word #oscars2021.

3- How do hashtags work on…


To be successful with Instagram hashtags, it’s recommended that you use no more than 11 hashtags; these should be at the very end of your post, or in the comments section. In addition, the hashtags must be relevant to the content, at which time the account can be tagged!

Twitter? Facebook?

Click-words in Twitter indicate a trend, or a follow-up to the original post. While you may be tempted to flood your tweet with hashtags, it’s best that you use only one or two, just like on Facebook. However, most Facebook profiles are private, which drastically limits hashtag potential!


On Pinterest, you can add as many hashtags as you want in as many different locations. In profile biographies, pins, comments… it’s up to you to leverage hashtags and maximize your traffic

4- Different types of Hashtags

A click-word is more than a descriptive term for a publication! Here are three ways to use click-words:

  • Brand / When you design your own hashtag, you can, among other things, build visitor and customer loyalty.
  • Content / This common hashtag uses keywords to describe the defining characteristics of a publication.
  • Trend / Indicates a trend, a buzz or news phenomenon.

In short, how do hashtag tags work and why should you use them? To enhance content with relevant keywords, reach qualified traffic or link to a trend, keywords are always a worthy investment! If you need a social network marketing strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Laurie-Anne Nault
Determined, ambitious and passionate, Laurie-Anne Nault has already acquired several years of experience in administration and customer service. She joined the Turko Marketing team in October 2021 to fulfill the role of administrative manager and social media manager.