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How we helped tinktube propel their brand and generate online revenues

Learn how Turko Marketing supported a company’s internal efforts with a unique growth strategy to ensure a perfect launch for the tinktube brand.

tinktube is a Canadian brand specializing in modular systems to be assembled by the customer. Their mission is to help consumers bring their DIY projects , to life by offering a selection of 100% adaptable tubing and fittings. The company favours a “Lean” philosophy, which combines simplicity, efficiency and the elimination of waste. tinktube products are available on the company’s ecommerce website. Distribution centres in Canada and the United States ensure rapid delivery.


1st page

Content positioned on the first search engine results page for money keywords.


Increase in organic traffic (SEO) (Year-over-year).


Increase in overall traffic (Year-over-year).


In the summer of 2020, the tinktube team was fine-tuning its digital strategy for the launch of the tinktube brand, scheduled for September of the same year.
The company was looking for an agency capable of elevating the initial strategic approach and extending its reach using growth marketing. As tinktube is a company that sells 100% online, generating qualified traffic on the ecommerce website is of paramount importance.

“Turko is an agency on a human scale. The people we talk to, they work with us every day! We immediately felt that they were an integral part of our team. It makes the work process very smooth.”
Eric Collard – Marketing Director, tinktube

After tinktube’s initial approach, they entrusted us with the implementation and management of a growth plan for their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and electronic press relations (ePR). The mandate also involved a tailor-made training component to assess the current practices of the marketing team and help it shift up a gear.

During our discussions with the tinktube marketing team, we quickly understood the need to quantify our targets. After a complete analysis phase, we were able to make precise initial projections to ensure proper monitoring of the objectives and the various key performance indicators (KPIs).
The deployment of the strategy was carried out in three distinct phases :

  • The configuration of campaigns and tracking tools
  • The launch of campaigns (presentation of the game plan for SEO content and press relations, coordination with the tinktube team)
  • Campaign management and optimization (testing and optimization, SEO and SEM performance monitoring, weekly meetings with the tinktube team and strategic advice in spontaneous consultation)


  • Achieve a target average of product orders per day
  • Achieve a target average for the total basket amount per order
  • Exceed a given target for the total amount of sales made before the end of Q1 2021


We established a 360-degree growth plan using multiple channels to maximize results. We supported the company during the implementation of various strategies.
Technical SEO audit
We analyzed the performance of the website when it came to the essential technical points of SEO (indexing, structure, tags, speed, traffic, structured data, etc.). We issued recommendations in order of priority and ensured follow-up during the implementation of the work with the developer of tinktube.
SEO content strategy
After performing a competitive analysis of the industry and the competition, we were able to create an SEO content strategy and publication calendar for different informative articles targeting competitive keywords or “buyer intent” keywords. We offered full support during content creation by the client’s editorial team.
SEM strategy
We established a media plan for Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Our campaign management included keyword research, structuring, targeting, writing ads and integration on various platforms. We then performed various A/B tests to optimize ad performance.
Training of internal resources
We offered tinktube support and training on search engine optimization and content marketing, both at the strategic and technical level. Our SEO training covered all aspects of search engine optimization. As always, we adapted our program to meet the specific needs of the company and to be in line with the teams’ various levels of knowledge.

Services used


  • SEO strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Website optimization

SEO training

Paid media

  • Google Ads/Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Shopping