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How we helped Montreal International increase their online conversions by 108%

Discover how Turko Marketing has effectively carried out marketing strategies in order to help Montreal International recruit internationally through digital channels.

Montreal International is a non-profit organization that has been actively participating in the development of Greater Montreal since 1996. By attracting foreign investments and international companies, it has made the prosperity of the region its top priority.

By playing its role as a real economic lever, Montreal International helps foreign companies to establish themselves in the region and works closely with local companies to assist them in their recruitment efforts.

To achieve the organization’s HR goals, numerous recruitment missions, both on-site and virtual, were organized in Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Maghreb (Northwest Africa), resulting in the arrival and retention of more than 11,000 experienced workers. It is precisely on this aspect that Turko Marketing brought its expertise and know-how to the table.

“It’s a pleasure working with them!” – Cyrielle Bonona – Talent Acquisition Specialist



candidates resulting from our web efforts


Cost per candidate acquisition for certain sectors


Simultaneous countries for international virtual missions


The Island of Montréal alone accounts for nearly a quarter of the jobs and businesses in the entire province of Québec and generates more than a third of its economic activity. Between 2017 and 2021, 156,000 jobs had to be filled..The major sectors that were particularly in demand included health and social work, aerospace, logistics and information technology.

Turko’s major challenge was therefore to effectively target these industries—all while ensuring that we reach a qualified and educated audience that was receptive to moving to a new country. Timing played a key role since the recruitment missions were punctual and their promotion was limited to approximately 30 days.

Beyond the strategic challenges, Montreal International was also dealing with logistical challenges; there was a real need for coordination on the part of all internal and external stakeholders.


The first step was to organize all the assets into efficient business processes:

Centralize information

Turko worked on centralizing all of the project’s information—both strategic and creative—in a common, cloud-based and freely accessible business tool. This unique source of information allowed everyone to access the latest project updates at all times. The teams working on the recruitment process therefore increased their productivity. What’s more, centralized information facilitated communications between internal stakeholders and external agencies.

Implement Agile collaboration

Agile workflows were implemented in order to best adapt to the needs of each stakeholder and partner. As the missions were normally carried out over approximately one month, it was essential to be able to be reactive and adjust our actions to reflect as closely as possible the needs of a project in constant change.

Measure each marketing initiative

Turko implemented a measurement system to help assess all digital efforts, both paid and organic (SEO). The internal talent acquisition department promoted recruitment missions on social media as well as through media relations and initiatives with local networks and partners. We established monitoring parameters that measured the impact of all initiatives in order to put the entire ecosystem in competition. This enabled us to determine the channels that offered the best conversion rates by country and industry. We then used this data to adjust our future marketing strategies.

Adjust marketing strategies based on performance

Turko created a dashboard that displayed each mission’s key data in real time. This provided transparency for the Montreal International, which referred to the data on an ongoing basis to monitor the progress and success of all projects.

Turko also opted for initiatives that allowed us to pinpoint more specific audiences in order to customize each marketing initiative even more:

Micro-audiences on Google Ads and Facebook Ads

We designed, edited and managed a complex, yet flexible, structure for all ad placements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Display and YouTube. We fostered an approach based micro-segmentation and ad A/B testing.

TOFU-MOFU-BOFU conversion funnels

We implemented a funnel of conversions on Facebook and Google in order to reach target audiences that do not know Montreal. This allowed us to reach our targets at all decision-making levels incorporate an automatic re-targeting system to impact the most relevant profiles with compelling messages adapted to each step of the recruitment process.

“SKAG” structure for the Google Ads account

We developed an advanced Google Search account architecture, based on keywords, with the implementation of a SKAG model in order to gain agility and relevance at a lowest cost.

Contingency plan

We developed alternative strategies and a full-scope contingency plan in the event that we needed to stimulate ongoing campaigns during more complex and less market-responsive missions.

Services used

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Marketing performance dashboards
  • Google Analytics
  • Optimization of web operations
  • Optimization of conversion funnels
  • Digital marketing plan