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How we helped Canadim reach 1 million web users in 5 months

Discover how Turko Marketing has accompanied Canadim in its digital transformation and participated in its growth on the web.

Recognized by its peers as the country’s most respected immigration law firm, Canadim has been providing full legal services to all immigrants wishing to settle, temporarily or permanently, in Canada since 2001. Canadim makes personalized support its strength and the accomplishment of life projects, its pride.



increase in organic traffic (SEO) year over year


overall increase on all web channels


increase in conversions on paid channels


Successful immigration is one of Canada’s strengths in response to demographic and economic situations. Controlled and planned, immigration serves as a lever, to the point where the country is implementing annual plans for which close to 350,000 people are expected to immigrate each year by 2020 and 2021.

“The experience of working with Turko is excellent. We have seen an increase in sales and in the quality of leads.”Renaud Dery – Founder

If the demand is constant, users, on the other hand, are not. Users’ digital adoption is forcing service providers to review Canadim’s web strategies and migrate their presence online. Turko’s main mission with Canadim was to support the digital transformation in business processes.


In short, our work with Canadim covered every aspect of a digital strategy. To begin our mandate, we first integrated digital initiatives into the business plan:

Digital transformation through ongoing training

Turko implemented effective internal tools and work processes as well as trained staff in the challenges of digital marketing. The ultimate goal was to instill a culture of digital performance.

Optimization of the online sales funnel

We carried out an analysis of the conversion funnels in order to provide recommendations to optimize each conversion stage: Evaluate the lead > Qualify the profile > Transform the lead into a customer.

Collaborative processes and tools

We set up collaborative tools online with Canadim to get the digital department up and running.

Once the digital assets were integrated, we were able to work together to meet Canadim’s need for online presence and visibility. Fostering a two-prong approach, we carried out in-depth SEO efforts on both the website and content strategy:

Website redesign

After establishing a new website structure optimized for SEO, we carried out the migration of URLs so as not to impact the volume of traffic. In addition, to increase the SEO score, special care was taken to improving the load time of the website, especially on mobile devices. Once this technical aspect was completed, all the content was rewritten based on a relevant keyword search.

Optimization of the information architecture

We developed a content structure based on targeted search queries. We multiplied by 10x the number of web pages indexed.

Content strategy

We developed an editorial schedule for the blog based on user search queries. The rigour and choice of topics were key to the success of the blog, an important channel for increasing traffic and revenues for Canadim.

Inbound link generation

The web is brimming with immigration questions—and Canadim holds the answer with its contents. We put in place a strategy of creating inbound links on specialized sites (ex: Quora) and specific Facebook / Whatsapp / Reddit groups. The purpose of creating inbound links was to improve the SEO performance of Canadim’s content.

Push notifications

We installed Push notifications for the blog. This allowed Turko to substantially increase the number of recurring users for each article.

AMP and Google Discover

We set up Active Mobile Pages (AMP), which greatly improved mobile organic traffic as well as increased discoverability on Google Discover. We’ve achieved this four times in 2019.

Simultaneously, paid marketing initiatives were put in place to start attracting new customers via digital channels:

Restructuring the Facebook account

In order to work efficiently in several international markets and with several types of profiles (students, workers, etc.), we set up a structure based on the creation and management of segmented and highly qualified micro audiences.

Restructuring of the Google Ads and Bing account

Similarly to the Facebook account, we opted for more precise keywords and chose a SKAG (SingleSingle Keyword Ad Group) implementation to gain a competitive edge.

Re-targeting of micro audiences (web and email)

We set up Active Mobile Pages (AMP), which greatly improved mobile organic traffic as well as increased discoverability on Google Discover. We’ve achieved this four times in 2019.

Finally, in order to be able to analyze our channels (attraction and retention) and measure the results of our various digital strategies, we have fully integrated tracking mechanisms:

Advanced configuration of Google Tag Manager

We fully implemented tracking measures within Tag Manager to monitor our performance on Google, Facebook and Bing as well as to analyze user behaviour on the website.

Measuring page effectiveness with Hotjar

In order to deepen our analysis of user behavior on the pages, we installed Hotjar and monitored interactions in order to optimize conversions.

Activation of E-Commerce data on Google Analytics

In order to optimize the performance of the law firm’s digital shift, we implemented the e-commerce section on Google Analytics. New KPIs we set for campaigns, allowing us to measure important elements, such as the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Services used

TDigital transformation

  • Digital transformation plan
  • Training

Paid media

  • Google Ads / Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Display Network


  • SEO strategy
  • Website optimization
  • Content marketing

Web analytics

  • Marketing dashboards
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager