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How we helped ATTITUDE ensure a smooth website migration while improving its SEO

Find out how we helped ATTITUDE maintain and then increase its organic traffic during a major website migration project AAA.

Founded in 2006, ATTITUDE is a Quebec-based company developing a range of eco-responsible products, including body care and household products. The company designs formulas that meet the highest international standards for ingredients and non-toxic products. ATTITUDE products are now distributed in 55 countries. The company’s e-commerce site serves Canada and the U.S., and complements the product offering available at numerous points of sale (pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.).


+ 6000

URL to redirect

+ 200%

Increased revenues for the transactional site

+ 142%

Year-on-year increase in organic traffic (YOY)


In the spring of 2022, the ATTITUDE transactional site team wants to simplify the management of its online store. The company will move from three sites (sub-domains) serving the United States, English Canada and Quebec, to a single, headless CMS.

Turko is approached to manage the SEO aspect of the project. ATTITUDE would like to give lists of “SEO requirements” to the developers responsible for the new site, and to have real-time expert advice on the evolution of SEO after the migration.

“Turko’s support has equipped our in-house teams and supervised the work of the developers to ensure perfect indexing of the pages and good referencing of the site. The work is well organized, the advice is top-notch, and there’s great communication that develops over time!”Guillaume Bérubé – Director of ecommerce and digital marketing, ATTITUDE

Turko was therefore going to design an SEO migration plan to avoid any potential loss of organic traffic linked to the change of platform, and take advantage of this to integrate best practices into the new site.


  • Maintain or increase organic traffic during a complex website migration


This specific project was divided into two distinct phases: an analysis phase prior to the launch of the new site (September 2022) and a post-migration monitoring phase.

Analysis and start-up” phase

  • Lists of SEO requirements to be passed on to the agency developers in charge of developing the new site
  • Creation of a list of URLs to be redirected for the three sites combined
  • Quality control of pre-production test site (staging site)
  • Follow-up with developers
  • Technical SEO audit of new website in production
  • Creation of a list of SEO problems to be corrected
  • Set up an SEO migration dashboard to see traffic evolution

Continuous” phase

  • Quality control on the new online site
  • Follow-up on the list of problems to be corrected
  • Track traffic evolution on the SEO dashboard

Services used


  • SEO consulting
  • Website optimization
  • SEO performance chart

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