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Advertising on Linkedin : 5 steps to follow

Briefly, LinkedIn is mainly for professionals from various companies and all walks of life, as well as functioning as a popular job search site.

Taï Dileuth

June 7, 2021

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

What are the five steps to follow when advertising on LinkedIn? The article explores the advantages of utilizing LinkedIn as an advertising platform, emphasizing its professional user base and role as a hub for job-seeking professionals across various industries. Targeting executives, entrepreneurs, and project managers, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for reaching a specific audience.

To create a successful advertising campaign on LinkedIn, the article lays out a strategic roadmap:
1. Define clear objectives for the advertising campaign.
2. Optimize your advertising account to align with your objectives.
3. Target your audience effectively by leveraging demographic and professional characteristics.
4. Choose the right ad format, tailored to your campaign’s goals.
5. Set a budget and monitor expenses closely to ensure adherence to financial targets.

Focusing on the importance of aligning advertising strategies with specific goals, the article encourages readers to embark on effective advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. Additionally, it extends an invitation to reach out to the advertising agency for further guidance and support in launching successful LinkedIn campaigns.

When you want to publicize specific content, or just promote your brand identity, there’s nothing better than advertising! Whatever the business sector, advertising on Linkedin’s social network is a great asset. But who is this platform for? How can I advertise on Linkedin?

Who is Linkedin for?

Briefly, LinkedIn is mainly for professionals from various companies and all walks of life, as well as functioning as a popular job search site. The target audience for a LinkedIn advertising campaign would include executives, entrepreneurs, and project managers, among others.

When you advertise on Linkedin, you can use your campaign to recruit new employees or establish a new business relationship with experienced professionals in their field. So…how can I advertise on Linkedin?

How can I advertise successfully on Linkedin?

There are 5 easy steps to designing the perfect advertising campaign on Linkedin:

1- Set clear and precise objectives

Just like any advertising campaign, you have to start with clear and precise objectives. You might want to increase the traffic on your website or you may want to generate higher returns.

2- Create the right account for advertising

Once you’ve set your objectives, it’s time to create your Linkedin Enterprise account, if you haven’t already done so. You then have the option to launch an advertising campaign using all available conversion options, such as improved website traffic, increased prospects or potential candidates, or boosting video or webcast views. You have plenty of opportunities, which need to be in line with those pre-defined objectives.

3- Reaching your target audience

Now, you can work on your Linkedin campaign. It’s important to target the appropriate audience for your advertisement. You can target ads by age, profession, skills and geographical area.

4- Choose the right format

After you choose the target ad, you’ll decide on format. There are a number of available formats, from written articles in sponsored form to video advertising. The choice of format is closely aligned with the original objective.

5- Set a budget… and stick to it!

And finally, you’ll set an advertising budget that’s in sync with your main objectives. If you want to make sure to follow your daily campaign budget, you can check the maximum CPC option. This way, your budget will never be exceeded.

After that, all you need to do is decide on the length of the advertising campaign and put everything online.

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Taï Dileuth
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