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How we helped LOVE get over $250,000 USD in advertising grants

Learn how Turko Marketing helped LOVE, a non-profit organization (NPO), improve its visibility, increase website visits and boost donations.

Founded in 1993, LOVE is a Canadian non-profit organization offering programs that enhance the mental, emotional and social health of young people. LOVE (Quebec) helps youths aged 12 to 21 develop their emotional intelligence in order to better overcome the challenges of the modern world. LOVE (Quebec) is more than 30 programs offered in 25 schools in the Greater Montreal area. Each year, 800 young people undertake this transformative process, which will make them leaders in their community.


119 000 $ US

In free annual advertising expenditure with Google Ad Grants

100 000

Sessions per year on the organization’s website


Increase in overall traffic (year-over-year)


In the spring of 2021, LOVE saw the need for marketing efforts to increase its visibility and brand awareness. Its mission had to be better known among young people in need and potential donors! The organization’s website generated little traffic, and LOVE was looking for an agency capable of implementing a viable NPO strategy.

We suggested that they use the full potential of the Google Ad Grants program,which is designed to promote an NPO’s mission through ads displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). The maximum support available to an organization with a Google Ad Grants account is $10,000 USD per month.

“Working with Turko is a very pleasant experience: they are flexible, dynamic and definitely consumer-centric.” – Robyn Dalton – Executive Director, LOVE

A must for any non-profit organization, the generous program nevertheless has several restrictions that make it difficult to use the monthly grants (the ad message cannot be promotional in nature, the cost per click must not exceed a set threshold, etc.).

Therefore, Turko offered to manage LOVE’s Google Ad Grants account to optimize its use and design a content strategy allowing the organization to benefit from the full advertising amount available each month.


  • Increase the organization’s brand awareness and visibility
  • Increase traffic to the organization’s website
  • Increase donations


We have developed a two-pronged game plan to design quality content that directly reaches young people, while maximizing 100% of the Google Ad Grants account management. This strategy will result in more calls for information from youths and parents as well as an increase in donations.

SEM strategy

Complete management of the Google Ad Grants account. After keyword research, we create audiences and structure campaigns. In order to make full use of the monthly $10,000 USD available through the Google Ad Grants program, we combine our account optimization with our content strategy for the blog section of the site. Each published article can then receive its own promotional campaign.

SEO content strategy

We designed a content calendar around the issues and challenges faced by young people. We divided the content into six main areas: school issues, addiction, home issues, emotional issues, self-esteem issues and sexual/relationship issues. The articles published on the blog section of the site are promoted through our paid traffic campaign offered by Google Ad Grants, but also generate organic traffic over time.

Services used


  • SEO Strategy
  • Content marketing

Paid Media

  • Google Ads (Google Ad Grants)