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How we helped Flexpipe generate over one million in revenues

Discover how Turko Marketing enabled a rapidly expanding company to generate qualified traffic and acquire all the knowledge necessary to take charge of the development of its search engine optimization (SEO) on the Web

Flexpipe is a Quebec company specializing in modular products. For more than 10 years, it has offered customized handling solutions that allow companies to increase the efficiency of their production lines while reducing costs. Flexpipe is established in Canada, the United States and Mexico.



increase in organic traffic (SEO)


increase in revenues from PPC (SEM)


increase in Flexpipe’s revenues (Year-over-year)


In 2019, Flexpipe opened a distribution centre in Los Angeles to boost the development of the Californian market: an investment that had to be quickly supported by a strategy to generate potential customers.
Therefore, Flexpipe contacted us for their SEO consulting needs.They wanted to establish a content strategy to target money keywords in their industry and get expert advice on internal marketing practices. The consultation took the form of training workshops on two main axes: search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

“SEO, we talk about it a lot, but we don’t always know how to approach it. With Turko, we managed to tackle all aspects of search engine optimization head-on. For me, it became something very concrete.” – Caroline St-Germain – Marketing Strategist, Flexpipe

We started by building a relationship of trust through our training and industry analysis. Then, to develop the U.S. market, Flexpipe entrusted us with its online marketing strategy. Our goal was to make the brand visible for “money” keywords in the material handling sphere.

In the summer of 2020, Flexpipe asked us to implement a strategy to optimize paid traffic (SEM). The company wanted to significantly increase its market share of keywords that directly target competitors’ brands.

We evolved with a turnkey approach, taking full responsibility for the management of paid media accounts.


Phase 1 – SEO consulting

  • Implement sound SEO foundations for the Flexpipe website and train internal teams so that they can become autonomous in tasks related to search engine optimization
  • Increase Flexpipe’s visibility when it comes to various targeted terms for the Canadian and U.S. markets
  • Discover new SEO opportunities using keyword research and analysis
  • Improve geolocation for each region where Flexpipe distributes its products

Phase 2 – Online marketing strategy

  • Stimulate online sales for the U.S. market
  • Improve the user experience of Flexpipe’s ecommerce website for foreign users

Phase 3 – Media placement strategy 

  • Design a paid traffic strategy to increase the market share of targeted keywords and improve the conversion rate from pay-per-click (PPC)


The establishment of three distinct work phases allowed us to organize the work in accordance with standard practices. Thanks to the analysis of the data collected during our audits and comparative research, we were able to move forward with confidence. Here are some of the strategies designed to achieve Flexpipe’s growth objectives.
Technical SEO audit
We analyzed site performance in regard to the essential technical points of SEO (indexing, structure, speed, traffic, structured data, etc.). We issued recommendations in order of priority and ensured follow-up during the implementation of the work with Flexpipe’s developer.
SEO content strategy

We conducted keyword research, followed by competitor analysis for important keywords (high search volume, buyer intent, competitor brand). 

We then rolled out a strategy, drawing inspiration from high-performance content produced by competitors and aligned with the client’s needs. 

We offered full support during the client’s content production (SEO assistance, coordination of content writing, integration assistance, spontaneous consultation). 

Inbound links strategy

After analyzing competitors’ inbound links, we implemented a strategy to create new backlinks to the Flexpipe website.

Sponsored links strategy (SEM)
By designing a strategic approach to position ourselves advantageously when it comes to important keywords in the material handling industry, we have succeeded in:

  1. Positioning ourselves on the 1stresearch engine results page (SERP) for searches carried out with the name of competing companies
  2. Targeting keywords where Flexpipe manages to present a unique value proposition. The result? An increase in the conversion of sales generated by this qualified traffic.

Training of internal resources
We provided comprehensive SEO training to enable the Flexpipe marketing team to analyze their web presence and develop, execute and analyze the results of their future SEO strategies.
The training included sections on keyword research, SEO measurement tools, web writing basics, local SEO, technical SEO and more.

Services used


  • SEO strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Website optimization

SEO training

Paid media

  • Google Ads/Bing Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook Ads/YouTube Ads