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How we help an exceptional institution expand its visibility and generate new leads

Learn how Turko Marketing increased the effectiveness of l’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce’s advertising campaigns (SEM) and social media marketing with a strategy that combines SEO content and high-conversion media placement.

L’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB), founded in 2010 by Quebec businessman Marc Dutil, is dedicated to training entrepreneurs. The coaches are seasoned entrepreneurs who use the “E to E” approach: the transfer of knowledge and experience from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. The EEB offers a variety of training programs, intensive stays and both online and in-company training. The only one of its kind in Canada, the school’s mission is to create exceptional entrepreneurs who will contribute to the prosperity of Quebec.



Increased clicks from paid traffic (through Google Ad Grants)


Increased traffic from social networks (year-over-year)


Increase in overall traffic (Year-over-year).


In the winter of 2020, l’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, which was looking to increase its visibility among potential clients, wanted to find an agency that could propose a strategy to maximize the use of a Google Ad Grants account.

“The Web changes quickly, it’s hard to keep up. Having an ally like Turko ensures we’re aware of best practices, that we can implement strategies that take us further and we receive help from experts in every facet of digital marketing.” – Marie-Pierre Guignard – Digital Marketing Coordinator, École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce

L’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, a non-profit organization (NPO), was aware of the opportunities offered by the Google Ad Grants program, but struggled to grasp the full power of the monthly $10,000 USD grants due to the many limitations and restrictions placed on the account holder.

Turko then offered the EEB a plan combining turnkey management of the Google Ad Grants account and an entrepreneurial-inspired content strategy that would allow the organization to use the full amount of advertising offered each month.


  • Increase the visibility of the school and its programs
  • Identify and attract potential leads
  • Maximize the potential of the Google Ad Grants account


A content creation strategy and expertise with the Google Ad Grants program allows the client to use 100% of the grants offered. After having experienced Turko’s support, the EEB entrusted us with the management of its paid advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. We are now a strategic partner of the esteemed school.

SEM strategy

We have taken over the management of the EEB’s Google Ad Grants account to improve its performance. We conducted keyword research that revealed some approaches that deliver great results. We take advantage of the many renowned coaches who share their knowledge at the EEB by targeting these well-known names. We optimize campaigns and follow up with monthly reports.

SEO content strategy

After performing a comprehensive analysis of the entrepreneurial sphere and SEO opportunities, we created a content calendar with recommendations for articles with high discoverability potential. This evergreen content deals with specific topics that affect the daily lives of entrepreneurs (cash management, labour shortage) or important themes in the life of an entrepreneur. Each article is eligible for a promotional campaign, courtesy of the Google Ad Grants program.

Ad placement strategy

To increase the visibility of the programs offered by the EEB and to generate leads, we developed a funnel strategy with the school’s different audiences. Each featured ad was designed to lead to a conversion-optimized landing page (EEB program registration). We created campaigns and took over the management of the Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads accounts, including testing, optimization and monthly follow-ups.

Strategic consulting and analytics

We offer consulting services for the EEB’s digital strategy. This support takes various forms, whether it is for strategic advice, for an opinion on technological tools or for consultations to increase the performance of marketing operations. We also assist the EEB in updating their analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics audit and redesign for the update to Google Analytics 4).

Services used


  • SEO Strategy
  • Content marketing

Paid Media

  • Google Ads (Google Ad Grants)
  • Facebook Ads

Digital strategy